Data Recovery
Off-Site Data


John Q IT Techs can solve almost all your computer and computer repair related problems.  Our preferred software of choice are Microsoft based. Windows NT, 2000, XP (Home and Professional), Windows 7 (All Versions), Windows 8, all Microsoft Server Platforms. 

Over the past few years, we have become very familiar with a wide variety of hardware and software problems, and we are confident that we will get your computer running in top shape by the end of our visit.  We are able to isolate and solve the problem using various procedures that help us overcome many obstacles.  Most problems take less than an hour to solve.


If you've recently bought a new hardware device, and are not interested in taking your computer into a service center to have it installed, look no further than John Q IT Techs.  We will visit your home or office and install your new hardware within minutes, saving you the high cost, long waiting period, and hassle of bringing it in to have your computer serviced at a store.

Have you bought a new software program that you're unable to install?  Are you interested in upgrading your operating system but unsure about how to do it?  Our Techs can help you get your new software operating on your system with no hassle.


Are you interested in upgrading your computer to keep up with the fast paced world of technology?  Do you want a new 3D accelerator to boost your gaming performance?  Our Techs are very informed about the latest offerings in the computer world.  We will consult with you about what you should consider to upgrade your computer and turn it into the powerful machine that it once was.  After consulting with you, we will install your hardware and make sure that your system is in top shape.

Virus Cleaning

Many of today's computer problems are linked to malicious viruses that attack the inside of your computer.  If you are an avid user of the internet, you are very vulnerable to a viral attack.  If you suspect that you might have received a virus, or you are interested in protecting your system from these harmful bugs, we can offer many solutions to combat this major problem.

System Maintenance

After time, computers often slow down due to overuse and programs that once used to fly, now have trouble booting up.  John Q IT Techs will come to your place of business and perform a "tune-up" to get your computer back to its old self.  This includes a hardware cleaning, hardware diagnostics, hard drive reconfiguration, hard drive scan, and a reinstall of your operating system if necessary.  This will clean out your system files, which slow down after use over time.  This procedure repairs many error messages and system crashes, as well as greatly enhances your system's performance.


Networks improve the efficiency of an office by joining all the computers together making it easier for employees to share files, printers, documents and internet connections (pay for 1 cable or DSL fee and get up to 253 connections off of the same line, "wow" what a savings).  Backing-up important data is centralized and more effective when using a network therefore ensuring data protection.

Most small to medium sized networks only require 2-4 hours of administration per month.  Unless your company is primarily using computers the majority of the day, an IT department isn't necessary.  We can cut your operating costs by providing service contracts.

With our service contracts we will solve any problems that have occurred between visits, check for viruses, update virus protection programs, maintain and update user accounts, install and upgrade any software that is needed, train and familiarize users with any system updates, perform regular maintenance and make sure that backups have completed successfully to ensure top performance and data protection.

Even though system crashes are rare in well maintained networks, if there aren't regular backups, all data is lost and can not be recovered.  Our technicians are Microsoft Certified and experienced in all computer related areas in order to ensure quality and reliability.  Call today for a free network consultation.