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The strength of our business is our team of dedicated employees - industry professionals who are ready and willing to deliver the highest level of customer service known to the industry.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of business practices and valuing integrity as the key component of our company values.

John Q IT is a locally owned company ready to serve you and your PC / Server needs.

We are professional computer solutions (including web site design and e-commerce) and computer repair company servicing the greater Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Services and Qualifications

Our professionals are certified and very motivated individuals with over 25 years of experience! We are also experienced MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access database programmers.  Whether it's CGI, Perl, VB, PHP or ASP for your needs we have a solution for you including shopping carts.  We can also setup video and audio streaming for your site.  We are fluent and proficient in many over the counter and custom programs as well!